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Grow your winery’s sales and competitive edge

Demonstrate how your wine competes with the industry’s market share and shelf space leaders. Tastry accurately predicts your wine’s performance and its differentiating qualities that argue for your wine’s spot on the retailer’s shelf.

Use wine AI to demonstrate how your wine competes with the industry.
Wine AI provides visibility into consumer preferences unlike critic scores and awards have done before.


Critic scores and awards aren’t the only things that matter now.

In the digital era, buyers are increasingly searching beyond critic scores and awards to better performance indicators. Tastry provides visibility into consumer preference, giving wineries the power to showcase their wine’s true marketability to buyers.


It’s your winery’s time to shine. Showcase your wine’s true marketability with Tastry data.

Showcase your wine's true marketability with wine AI data.

What makes Tastry unique and powerful?

We’ve built the industry’s first and only database of ~248 million US consumer drinking-age palates for wine.

We’ve developed the science of breaking down a wine’s chemical composition to understand its unique properties, compared to any other wine in the market, that create its taste, texture, color and aroma.

We predict in aggregate, with up to 93% accuracy, the US consumer sentiment of a wine before it hits the shelves…before consumers have even tasted it.

Who do we work with?

Use wine AI to personalize your wineries direct to consumer model.

Tastry for Winery Direct to Consumer

We use wine AI to assist with winery retail sales.

Tastry for Winery Retail Sales

Use wine AI to create private label programs that reach target consumers.

Tastry for Private Label Programs

Use Cases

Access a focus group of US wine consumers on demand

Use wine AI to access focus group of US wine consumers on demand.

With one bottle of wine for testing, you’ll get to see how your wine would perform and rank against your competitors using Tastry’s database of ~248 million US consumer drinking-age palates. Not only that, Tastry will collect and track your customer’s palates to identify the subset of customers who will love each wine in your assortment.

Captivate buyers with consumer sentiment-driven reports

Discover the leading competitors you dominate. TastryAI can pinpoint who your wine outperforms and generate sales and marketing collateral that illustrates to buyers the true consumer sentiment against established category leaders.

Wine AI pinpoints who your wine outperforms and generate sales and marketing collateral.

“The data that Tastry provides allows me to not only tell my buyers about the steps we are taking to make the wine, but also that we are also using this super innovative company as quality control to demonstrate how it will perform in the market.”

ALEX REMY, Winemaker & Managing Partner at Atlas Wine Co.

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Build more competitive market-ready wines

Tastry wine AI software helps you build and bring to market wines to maximize positive consumer sentiment.

Starting as early as post-secondary, Tastry software helps you build and bring to market wines to maximize positive consumer sentiment. Artificial Intelligence interprets the chemistry of your wine at key stages and provides blending/treatment guidance.

Outperform your competitors by mapping the market with Tastry

With a single sample of your wine, validate your competitive set, and understand just how competitive your wine is in terms of consumer appeal.

Use wine AI to outperform your competitors by mapping the market with Tastry.
Jill Osur of Teneral Cellars uses wine AI to understand the unique palates of her audience.

“Understanding the unique palates of our audience allows us to deliver the best wines to the broadest group of our community. It’s important to understand that everyone’s palates are different. Using Tastry data helps plan the future wines that you’re producing. Which I love, because data and knowledge are power. We can use that data and knowledge for good to build our community.

JILL OSUR, Founder & President at Teneral Cellars

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