Tastry is a Sensory Sciences Leader that Pairs Products with People.

Grow your wine business with sensory science for winemakers, retailers and customers.

Predict how successful a wine will be in the market with Tastry's comprehensive chemical analysis.

Customers can virtually taste any wine in a winery's inventory - increasing total sales.

Find and engage new wine lovers across generations of customers.

Get in front of wine lovers across the United States for ZERO additional marketing investment.

Customers using Tastry are 45% happier with their wine purchase.

Use Tastry's comprehensive wine chemistry reports to offset some of your testing expense.



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Hear from our CEO about what sets Tastry apart

Wine Industry

The wine industry has a clear need for simple, rapid and cost-effective techniques for objectively evaluating the quality of grapes, wines and spirits.

R.G. Dambergs, A. Kambouris, N. Shumacher, I.L. Francis, M.B. Esler, M. Gishen

Tastry and Your Customers

Our business started to help winemakers. Through our studies of changing wine consumption habits today, we saw how older customers have largely remained loyal, but the future of wine sales was an alarming mix of lost loyalties and confusion. So we created experiences for everyone that are simple, fun and on the electronic devices they engage on. Through Tastry personalized recommendations we are driving more repeat customers and creating a connected world of new ones.

Tastry and Your Winery

Every winery owner has a million things on their mind. At Tastry, we created products to assist them in both the science and business of their craft. We provide winemakers wine chemistry panels that provide data allowing them to adjust wines so they better match customer tastes. For Sales, we provide customer insights to make better targeting and distribution decisions. In both cases, we can save wineries money while helping them move more of their product.


Tastry Comprehensive Wine Chemistry

The first step toward growing a winery's business is to chemically analyze their wines and provide them with our Basic and/or Custom panels. The insights included help winemakers make proactive adjustments before the final product is bottled in order to best match their targets' tastes. Often this involves what we call Tastry Computational Blending.

Basic Chemical Analysis Among Comparison Set
Calories Compared to Common Wines

Tastry Palate Ranking and Predictive Scoring

Once a winery's chemical panels are added to our database, we are able to match individual wines to unique customer palate data we have gathered through retail kiosks, mobile apps and digital properties. By merging these sets of data into the Tastry Palate Matrix we can predict how many palates each wine will rank well for, and even provide predicted scores at different price points to maximize margin!

How Well Wines Match Target Consumer Palates
Predicting How Well Wines Rate at Different Prices

Are you up to speed on what's going on in the Wine Industry and how you need to adjust? Download the "State of the Wine Industry 2019" report from Silicon Valley Bank here.


    Wineries deserve to be judged on the quality of their wines - not the size of their ad budgets. We created Tastry to give them that fair shake. Around here we believe that every wine could be someone's favorite.

    Katerina Axelsson, Founder and CEO of Tastry