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The Grape Depression: Overcoming the Decrease in Wine Sales

Since 2022, wine sales have gone down by 3%, according to Wine Business. There are many speculations as to why wine sales are moving in a downward direction, and the San Francisco Chronicle has a great way of simplifying an overarching message in many of the theories: young people are drinking less wine, and wellness culture has deemed wines and alcohol as a villain.

Now, with a recession looming, wine sales may continue to decline with a decrease in spending on luxury goods, especially with the trends seen with young consumer spending habits.

Here is what you can do to make your company stand out from competitors and gain new consumers while fighting the decrease in wine sales:

Target Your Wine Selection For Your Consumers

Wine consumption is not decreasing because people woke up one day and decided they dislike it. Young consumers are not purchasing wine because they expect alcoholic beverages that are personalized for them.

Young consumers have grown accustomed to personalization with products outside of the food and beverage industry. For new consumers, picking a wine out of all the options on the market is difficult, especially when you may not have formed a strong opinion on which varieties, producers, or styles you like.

Don’t worry– personalizing your wine for the consumer doesn’t mean you have to change your wine at all. Instead, provide customers with the tools to know which wines they’ll enjoy.

Tastry Uncorked is a consumer-facing application that can be plugged into any sales platform to match each customer with the best wine for them from your inventory based on their palate preferences. It can be added as a pop-up on your website or a QR code in your tasting room, but it can also be used in signage to set your brand apart on retailers’ shelves.

In Tastry Uncorked, customers take a quiz to find out which wines in your assortment match their palates based on wine chemistry data. This, in turn, also provides you with your customers’ preferences, which Tastry can use in aggregate to make recommendations for which wines to distribute in which places.

Fun Fact:

Tastry is the only wine recommender on the market that chemically analyzes every product it recommends.

Differentiate Your Wine with Data

The canned cocktail shelf is filled with many attention-drawing cans, each with a distinct creative design that creatively signals to consumers if the drink is made for them and their occasion.

For the wine shelf, this is not the case. Wines typically come in similar-style bottles with beautiful, but simple, labels.

Finding a way to draw the attention of consumers in the wine aisle while maintaining consistency with your brand’s image doesn’t have to come in the form of a rebrand. It can be something as simple as adding data to your wine’s packaging that tells consumers what the flavor might be like for them.

By running your wine through a Tastry analysis, you can get valuable data on your wine that helps you build effective marketing collateral that sets it apart from your competitors. And, by the way, you can’t get this kind of data anywhere else.

Bottle neck tags are one example of signage that can showcase your wine’s unique character and performance compared to your closest competitors.

Make Buying Your Wine Easy

For consumers just entering the market, the shelves can be overwhelming. Even for advanced wine drinkers, trying the typical varietal and style of wine they enjoy under a different brand isn’t a surefire way to know they will be satisfied with their purchase.

Don’t let customer uncertainty affect your sales.

Tastry Uncorked helps new and old consumers find the wine that is right for their palates. This tool allows experienced wine drinkers to try a wine that may be different from their normal selection without feeling like they’re risking buying something they won’t like. It also helps new wine consumers venture into wine with the support of knowing what they are likely to enjoy without going through the trial and error process.

This kind of visibility into how well a wine will match with individual palates brings confidence and ease to wine shoppers.

Curious to know what strategies Tastry can use to help you boost your wine sales? Schedule a call with Jeff here.

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