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Build more competitive wines

With a single sample of your wine, Tastry shows you how your wine ranks against your competitive set and consumer appeal.
Travis Maple
Airfield Estates Winery
We were able to evaluate the performance of our Cabernet Sauvignon against competitors and match ourselves with a certain demographic through Tastry. I created a wine that would probably score 93 or 94 points. I thought that was absolutely wonderful and eye-opening.
Your wine, your way
Tastry, like a GPS, provides efficient winemaking guidance, giving you added confidence in your wine’s outcome.
Hal Landvoigt
Precept Wine
Tastry helps you understand what your baseline wine is and how to bring your wine to that same place. There are multiple different options that allow me to decide on my own which of those options resonates with me the most.
Blend winning wines faster
Creating custom blends can take days, weeks or months to get right. Use Tastry CompuBlend® to create blends that hit the target, in a matter of minutes.
Alex Remy
Atlas Wine Co.
I believe that it’s impossible to stay focused, taste, evaluate, and compare 200 wines. Now, Tastry AI does this in a matter of seconds, and it doesn’t make a mistake or get tipsy. Tastry has the power to save you millions of dollars when it comes to creating the right blend for your market.
Align with your market
Explore as many ideas as you’d like with peace of mind knowing how each option will rank in terms of consumer appeal.
Steven DeCosta
O’Neill Vintners & Distillers
For me Tastry means safety…a sense of knowing I’m going in the right direction. There may be a sample I really like, but I’ve noticed that my palate is not necessarily representative of our consumers.
Access a virtual tasting panel
Instantly, see how your wine will perform using Tastry’s database of ~248 million US consumer drinking-age palates.
James Hall
Patz & Hall Wine Company
Before a publisher would release a book they would do a focus group on it to see if it was a book that was worth releasing. This is similar to what Tastry lets you do. You can go to a wine retailer and present the data on your wine and how it can target a specific group of people.

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Initially, I was inclined to believe that Tastry might primarily speak to the “numbers people,” thinking it might not align with our more artistic side of the business. However, I’m happy to have found that it’s way more flexible than that. It doesn’t have to undermine the artistic aspects of winemaking or the decisions we make based on what feels right for the wine.
VIRGINIA USHER, Director of Winemaking at Mendocino Wine Co.