Uncorked by Tastry

Sell more wine with palate-perfect personalization

Unlock AI-powered taste recommendations to help you create excellent customer experiences, drive more sales, and collect powerful insights.

Connect like never before

Get deeper with your customers.

Create a lasting impression with your customers by getting to know their tastes. Tastry delivers deeply personal, individual connections between each person’s unique palate and the wines in your inventory.

Deliver data-backed recommendations.

Tastry can predict with 92.8% accuracy if someone will love a wine or not. Tastry looks at the full chemistry of each bottle of wine in your assortment and how each customer’s palate will react to its aromas and flavors.

It’s simple.

If a customer doesn’t love the wine they purchase, they won’t come back for more.

The Solution

Tastry Uncorked uses wine chemistry analysis to provide suggestions based on preferences.

Tastry is the only wine recommender on the market that chemically analyzes every product it recommends.

Step 1

Your customer takes the taste quiz.

Every person’s palate is unique, like a fingerprint. With a short 20-second quiz, Tastry Uncorked allows you to collect that unique data you can use to create seamless, personalized customer experiences.

Step 2

Your customer receives taste-personalized recommendations.

Your customer sees the wines in your inventory that match their unique taste preferences, categorized by type and ordered by closest match.

Step 3

Your customer rates and reviews the wines.

As customers provide feedback, our AI-powered recommendation engine further tailors to each unique palate and personalization improves. Not only that, you can make improvements to your wine inventory with these insights.

The result is happier, more confident, and loyal customers.

Customers who use Tastry recommendations are 45% happier with their wine purchase.

Customers who use Tastry recommendations are 20% less likely to shop at a competitor.

Tastry recommendations have generated a 12% lift in retail sales.

What our clients say

“We’ve seen a huge lift in our average basket size for online transactions since putting Tastry Uncorked on our site. Customers expect a highly-personalized experience and this makes it easy for us to understand each visitor’s unique palate and recommend wines we’re confident they’ll love.”


Jill Osur, Teneral Cellars

Get Started

It’s quick and easy. Get up and running in 30 minutes.

Tastry Uncorked is a self-service add-on to your existing e-commerce website to supercharge your customers’ shopping experience with personalization like never before.

It’s a simple, affordable solution. Just add a couple lines of code to your website and you’ll be up and running in about 30 minutes.

Supercharge all your marketing touchpoints.

Tastry Uncorked isn’t just limited to your website. It is responsively designed for smartphones and tablet formats so It can easily be deployed at ALL customer touchpoints.

Engage shoppers in your tasting room, retail wine aisle, and at events. Activate Uncorked via QR codes in your newsletters or printed brochures.

Ready to get started? Schedule a free demo.

Tastry now integrates with Commerce7

Frequently asked questions

Tastry Uncorked is priced based on the number of wines you offer. Contact us for a personalized quote.

Tastry Uncorked was purpose built to be simple and straightforward to deploy on your website. Literally 2 lines of code. 30 minutes!

Optional configurations can require a bit more time. But we have a handy deployment guide to get you familiar with everything. And our customer success team will be available to support you each step of the way.

By the way, if you really want to build a unique experience, we can enable that for you by giving you direct access to our APIs for a ground up custom deployment.

In addition to deploying the Tastry Uncorked app, onboarding your wines through our TTB certified lab for recommendation takes about a week. But we can often move more quickly when you need it!

Wines can be quickly added or removed from Tastry Uncorked anytime. And, with Commerce7 integration, wines available for recommendation in Tastry Uncorked stay synced with the wines you’ve flagged as available for sale.

Every wine you offer to your customers has it’s own unique flavor and aroma profile. And every consumer has a unique set of taste preferences almost entirely based on their palates. Tastry’s patented approach for recommending wines understands with incredible accuracy the relationships between the unique flavors and aromas of your wines and how they will be perceived by each of your shoppers. Tastry Uncorked allows you to rank and offer the very best wines for each individual customer and avoid offering them wines they are likely to find less enjoyable.

When you deploy Tastry Uncorked, we collect a rich amount of both wine performance and chemistry data, as well as shopper palate insights. Your wine and palate data is stored securely and only made available to you (we do not make your data available to any third parties). We make these insights available to you via the Tastry’s Insights Dashboard, an online secure portal you can access anytime. Additionally, we email you weekly wine recommendation summaries. Contact us to see a demonstration of the dashboard!

Yes, we currently integrate with Commerce7.

Sites built on platforms other than Commerce7 are fully compatible with Tastry Uncorked, there are just a couple more manual steps in setup and user interaction.

What is the accuracy of Tastry Uncorked recommendations?

Accuracy matters! Shoppers that randomly pick in the wine aisle have a less than 50% chance of picking a winner they’ll want to come back for. And when a Sommelier gets involved, it’s about 60%. Tastry Uncorked starts at 80% and improves to 93% accuracy once a shopper rates a wine.

On average website customers that use Tastry Uncorked will receive recommendations on wines they will like that is 36%-49% more accurate than if they do not use Tastry Uncorked recommender.

Over time with the collection of website customers’ palates through the Tastry Uncorked survey, the Winery will gain an understanding of their customers’ palates and with Tastry services can adjust their marketing strategy and/or their wines to better match their customer palates.

We believe that customers are more loyal to your brand when they love the wines they drink. Not all wines are built for every customer. Wouldn’t it be amazing to increase the probability that your customers and members love the wines they buy and avoid wines that may turn them away? That’s exactly what Tastry Uncorked does with each and every wine buyer individually, thereby increasing the strength of your brand connection with them on a very personalized level. Our recommendations improve positive consumer experience.

Furthermore, and as part of your subscription, Tastry Uncorked includes a weekly summary of insights illustrating how your wines rank with each visitor, giving you the fuel to ignite follow up emails with highly relevant, highly targeted offers to increase conversions.

And if that weren’t enough, we can automatically score your new releases against your shopper palates so that you can concentrate release messaging to the right segments and take customer and member anticipation to new heights.

Yes. In fact, Tastry Uncorked is responsively designed for tablets and smartphones so you can deploy it at all customer touchpoints. You can make Tastry Uncorked available for shoppers in your tasting room, at events, the retail wine aisle or anywhere you may interact with shoppers. Additionally, you can activate Tastry Uncorked via QR codes in your newsletters or printed brochures. No added subscription cost!

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