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Unlock AI-powered taste recommendations to help you create excellent customer experiences, drive more sales, and collect powerful insights.

About Tastry Uncorked

What is Tastry Uncorked?

Tastry Uncorked is a software add-on to your existing e-commerce site which uses wine chemistry analysis to provide your customers with suggestions based on their unique palate. It dynamically leverages an individual’s palate preferences in real time to make recommendations from your wine assortment.


Tastry is the only true wine recommender on the market that chemically analyzes every product it recommends.

How it works


Set up Tastry Uncorked on your site.

It’s quick and easy. Let our dedicated success team get Tastry Uncorked up and running on your site in as little as 30 minutes.


Invite your customers to take the quiz.

Every person’s palate is unique, like a fingerprint. With a short 20-second quiz, Tastry Uncorked allows you to collect that unique data you can use to create seamless, personalized customer experiences.


Your customer receives taste-personalized recommendations.

Your customer sees the wines in your inventory that match their unique taste preferences, categorized by type and ordered by closest match.


Personalization improves as your customers rate and review the wines.

As customers provide feedback, our AI-powered recommendation engine further tailors to each unique palate and personalization improves. Not only that, you can make improvements to your wine inventory with these insights.

The result is happier, more confident, and loyal customers.

Customers who use Tastry recommendations are 45% happier with their wine purchase.
Customers who use Tastry recommendations are 20% less likely to shop at a competitor.
Tastry recommendations have generated a 12% lift in retail sales.
Ready to get started?

Tastry now integrates with Commerce7 and Shopify


Get deeper with your customers.

Create a lasting impression with your customers by getting to know their tastes. Tastry delivers deeply personal, individual connections between each person’s unique palate and the wines in your inventory.

Deliver data-backed recommendations.

Tastry can predict with 93% accuracy if someone will love a wine or not. Tastry looks at the full chemistry of each bottle of wine in your assortment and how each customer’s palate will react to its aromas and flavors.

What Our Clients Say

“We’ve seen a huge lift in our average basket size for online transactions since putting Tastry Uncorked on our site. Customers expect a highly-personalized experience and this makes it easy for us to understand each visitor’s unique palate and recommend wines we’re confident they’ll love.”

Jill Osur, Teneral Cellars

Jill Osur of Teneral Cellars has seen huge lift in online transaction size since integrating wine AI into her website.

Get Started

It’s quick and easy. Get up and running in 30 minutes.

Tastry Uncorked is a self-service add-on to your existing e-commerce website to supercharge your customers’ shopping experience with personalization like never before.

It’s a simple, affordable solution. Just add a couple lines of code to your website and you’ll be up and running in about 30 minutes.

Supercharge all your marketing touchpoints.

Tastry Uncorked isn’t just limited to your website. It is responsively designed for smartphones and tablet formats so It can easily be deployed at ALL customer touchpoints.

Engage shoppers in your tasting room, retail wine aisle, and at events. Activate Uncorked via QR codes in your newsletters or printed brochures.

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