Tastry Innovation Program

Are you an innovator in the winemaking industry?

You might consider joining the Tastry Innovation Program. The program is made up of a collaborative body including the Tastry Master Winemaker Advisory Board and the Tastry chemistry, data science, and software research and development teams.

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About the program

Our goal

To leverage member expertise and drive cutting-edge innovation in the wine industry. As an innovation focused technology company, we believe the Tastry Innovation Program is about bringing an additional and critical layer of medium, and long-term, value to our clients. It’s about ensuring we stay connected to the most relevant strategic concerns of our clients and the industry as a whole. We’re thrilled and proud to have participation from a well-respected alliance of individuals and organizations which represent a broad array of wine production formats.

The strategy

The Tastry Insights Dashboard (“TID”) is the first real-time, vertically integrated, platform delivering best-in-class AI-driven solutions from the winery to the consumer. The TID’s groundbreaking technology exposes the relationships between wine chemistry and consumer preferences on an individual and aggregate basis, predictive market performance, and TastryAi-driven personalization at scale. Together, the Tastry Innovation Program members collaborate to identify and focus the Tastry product development roadmap to identify, target, and unlock advanced capabilities with real world applications that execute on the strategic goals of program member organizations.

Benefits for members

Members of the Tastry Master Winemakers Advisory Board (“M-WAB”) have unprecedented access to Tastry R&D teams, collaborate to help define product vision and features, and enjoy first access to new platform elements released as a result of active initiatives.

Do you have what it takes?

Membership in the Tastry M-WAB is offered time-to-time, typically to clients working closely with Tastry on cutting-edge innovations in the wine industry.

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Our current focus

Inaugural Members

Josh Baker

General Manager and Winemaker, Phase 2 Cellars

Having worked for big players like Chalone Wine Group, E&J Gallo, and Diageo Chateau and Estates and his own label at Baker and Brain Wines, Josh brings a well rounded experience to our Winemaker Advisory Board. But his reputation extends past the US: Josh has done consulting work in Bordeaux, France. Now at Phase 2 Cellars, Josh works to bring his clients’ visions to life as a custom winemaker. Keeping up with the crush operation is no easy task, so he is always looking to innovate. His fresh ideas and view in the winemaking sphere keeps us on our toes and pushes the bar for where wine-tech is heading.

Matt Brain

Winemaker at Alpha Omega

Matt is not only an accomplished winemaker, he is also an accomplished academic. He holds his BS and MS in Biosciences from Sam Houston State University, a winemaking degree from UC Davis, winemaker and lecturer positions in the Enology programs at California Polytechnic and Fresno State Universities and hosts a podcast promoting sustainable winegrowing with The Vineyard Team. Not only has Matt pursued his own label of Baker & Brain with Josh Baker, he has worked alongside other acknowledged experts at Phase 2 Cellars, Tolosa, and is currently head winemaker at Alpha Omega Winery.

Steven DeCosta

Director of Winemaking at O’Neill Vintners and Distillers

Working for one of the fastest growing producers of premium wine gives Steven insight into the winemaking business beyond the grapes. O’Neill Vintners, the 7th largest wine producer in California, produces myriad products and brands across the wine, brandy, and spirits space. As the Director of Winemaking, Steven has had to combine craft and science to keep the business and the wine flowing. He is truly the person to speak to when it comes to the marriage of state-of-the-art winemaking techniques and practical business application.

Alexandre Remy

Managing Partner – Winemaker at Atlas Wine Co; Board Member at French-American Chamber of Commerce, San Francisco

From cellar hand, to quality control, to winemaking and production strategy, Alexandre Remy has done it all. Now a Managing Partner of Atlas Wine Co. and Founder of Atlas Wine Co. Lab, Alex continues to push the future of wine. Alex has provided his expertise to many of the most prestigious wineries in the World, and recently received Wine Enthusiast’s distinction for being one of their 2021 40 Under 40 Tastemakers. Alex is strong proponent of transparency, a goal that we at Tastry share.

Juan Muñoz-Oca

Chief Operating Officer, Marchesi Antinori USA

Based in Washington State, Ste. Michelle is a premier wine company with a collection of distinctive winery estates from some of the best regions in the world. As a winemaker, expert and business leader, Juan strives to provide the right tools and education to both his team but to other winemakers and enthusiasts alike. Describing himself as “stupidly obsessed with wine”, Juan has a true passion not only making good wine but influencing the way people experience it. He believes that wineries have the ability to influence geography, communities, and social environments.

Joseph (Joe) Wagner

Chief Winemaker & Owner of Copper Cane Wine & Provisions

Joe comes from a family with a rich understanding of how to cultivate quality wines. His family emigrated to the Napa Valley area from Alsace, France in the 1850s and began planting grapes in the new frontier of California. The Wagners released their very first vintage of now-iconic Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon in 1972, and at only 19 years old Joe launched Belle Glos Pinot Noir and five years later in 2006 he launched Meiomi Pinot Noir. His view on winemaking has always been “evolve or dissolve,” with a priority of expanding and trying new things. He carries on this vision under his umbrella brand Copper Cane Wines & Provisions which includes BÖEN, Quilt, Elouan and many others.