Tastry and RNDC Launch New Innovative Sales Program

Tastry and RNDC Launch Program to Engage Next Generation of Wine Consumption Using AI​

San Luis Obispo, May 22, 2024 — Tastry, a consumer insights and artificial
intelligence technology leader in the wine industry, and Republic National Distributing
Company (RNDC)
, leading wholesale beverage distributor in the U.S., launched “Sales
Accelerator,” a collaborative, multi-faceted program designed to increase awareness
and sales for wine producers and retailers while transforming the consumer shopping

“We are excited to be working closely with RNDC,” said Tastry CEO Katerina Axelsson.
“The partnership enables our organizations to be at the forefront of innovation and
provides a clear competitive advantage for our mutual winery and retail clients.”
The collaboration between RNDC and Tastry, is centered on integrating the power of
artificial intelligence into the wine industry. Tastry uses a proprietary methodology to
associate hundreds of chemical compounds and their effect on consumer perceptions of
flavor expressions in wine, ultimately pairing consumers with the wines they will most
likely favor. In April, eRNDC launched a program to pilot Tastry AI on the platform,
incorporating Tastry AI’s consumer insights into the product discovery journey for on
and off-premise buyers.

“It’s an exciting time to be working with the Tastry team,” said David Lane, RNDC’s
Chief Supplier Excellence and Growth Officer, “Tastry’s offering represents the future of
the industry by harnessing advanced AI technology to create greater efficiency and
value for suppliers and retailers, and by improving the ability to connect consumers with
wines that match their palate. This vision is aligned with RNDC’s goal of being the
distributor of choice and connecting with consumers.” 

The Sales Accelerator program is available as of May 22, 2024. For more information,
please visit Tastry.com/RNDC

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