Working With Tastry Support


Subscribers to one of Tastry’s products or services may contact Tastry for support assistance by contacting

Scope of Support

The Tastry support team is prepared to address any inquiries related to functionality that is achieved through the application’s user interface of the Tastry software or through Tastry’s public API. Inquiries related to third-party integrations where applicable, code-level customizations, configurations, and development best practices are outside our scope of Tastry support. If you need assistance with an unsupported issue and already have a relationship with a Tastry partner, you can work with them to troubleshoot your issue or contact the developer responsible for the customization.

Otherwise, please refer to Tastry’s certified partners webpage to find a partner to help with your support needs. In the circumstance that a customer requests support and the Tastry support team determines that a customization achieved outside the normal capacities of the user interface is the root cause of the reported issue, the support agent will communicate this finding and direct the customer to seek a resolution with the originating developer.

Creating the Case

For all support inquiries, contact the Tastry support team via email at

Details to Include

We encourage you to include as much of the following as makes sense for your situation. Doing so will allow us to resolve your issue as quickly as possible without spending excessive time gathering more information.

Clear Description

In order for our team to provide quick and effective assistance, please provide the critical details regarding your problem, including, but not limited to:

  • User login email
  • User name(s) and contact info that can reproduce the issue, and, if applicable, one user name that cannot reproduce the issue
  • Are select users or all users affected?
  • Date and, if possible, time that the error last occurred
  • Date and, if possible, time the functionality was last working as expected
  • Click-by-click steps to reproduce the issue starting with the login screen
    Screenshots or video showing the issue
  • On-Screen Errors or Messages: If there are errors on the screen, take a screenshot or copy and paste them into the case description
  • Description of any recent changes to your environment that may have impacted the functionality
  • Web browser and version used