Tastry is a Sensory Sciences Leader that Pairs Products with People.

Leverage sensory science and artificial intelligence to improve every aspect of a store's wine aisle sales.

In-Store Kiosks

In-Store Kiosks

Shoppers in physical stores engage with a touchscreen kiosk that profiles their palates for product matching.

Optimized Product Mix

Optimized Product Mix

Get real-time insights about which individual products and product groups match customer tastes.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

Tastry personalized product recommendations have increased customer satisfaction by 45%!

Store Loyalty

Store Loyalty

Customers who use Tastry to find products they love exhibit far greater loyalty to their store.

Increased Sales

Increased Sales

Stores using Tastry to demystify the wine buying process report up to 20% increase in gross sales!

Retail Insights

Retail Insights

Get invaluable store-by-store inventory performance dashboards and customer insights.



Stores that are only a few miles apart can succeed or fail with different products and Tastry knows which ones will work where before the products ever get to the store. The implications for inventory efficiency, return on invested capital and square footage utilization are very big.

Richard Kestenbaum, Forbes


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    The Tastry In-Store Kiosk

    The very first touchpoint many shoppers have with Tastry is through a kiosk placed in brick and mortar retail stores. These attractive systems provide a host of benefits to the retailer: shoppers discover new wines they are sure to love based on their individual Palate Profile; they can filter through massive selections of wine, making the often overwhelming shopping process quicker and easier; and the kiosk adds to the knowledge of the retail staff, offering higher levels of customer service.

    The shopper engages in a simple touchscreen survey and saves their preferences to an account. On the back end, the store has access to invaluable information about the shopper, store inventory, preferences, and a host of other data that makes it easier to make product mix decisions. On top of that, since the Tastry account is easily accessed on a shopper's mobile device, stores are able to retain up-to-the-minute insights into changing customer preferences.

    The results for stores with Tastry kiosks? Better store branding, higher sales, bigger margins, higher customer satisfaction scores, and more loyal shoppers.

    Sample Dashboard: Kiosk Activity

    Whether for a single store or for many, retailers can see real-time reports on how often their kiosk is being used. Usage can be filtered by time increments and is broken out in easy-to-understand user segments. This screen also illustrates the number of recommendations that were delivered to all users who accessed the kiosk - a measure that ties directly to increased bottle sales.

    Sample Dashboard: Preference Summary

    This dashboard illustrates the power of Tastry retailer insights to assess a store's "sweet spot" in product mix. Not only is the type of wine (red versus white) captured, but price preference is as well. Another compelling feature of the Tastry kiosk is shown here too - during the user's session, Tastry recommends food pairings with each wine recommended. This not only compels the shopper to purchase a wine that will match their meal, but creates cross-selling of other groceries!

    Sample Dashboard: Recommendation Details

    Because the Tastry system is connected to store inventory, recommendations on this screen of the retail insights dashboard show how each individual product is performing. Trends in Top Recommendations for both red wines and white wines, as well as those in the Bottom Recommendations, help retailers understand which products they should build inventory around, and which do not match the palates of their shoppers. Comparing this data with sales, price and margin information helps create the most optimal inventory mix to increase profitable business and focus on what customers will love.

    The Retailer Insights Above Only Scratch the Surface!

    Our retail experts are standing by to discuss how Tastry can help your business. Please reach out to schedule a retail product walkthrough and we will be in touch immediately.

    Predicting what customers will love and choosing the right product mix has always been the secret to successful retail. But that means something different today than it did even a few years ago. So Tastry put more power in the customer's hands, giving retailers the real-time insights they need to make quicker, smarter and more profitable decisions.

    Katerina Axelsson, Founder and CEO, Tastry