Personalize Your Emails to Customers with Tastry Uncorked’s New Signularlized Marketing Feature

Traditional personalization marketing tactics are based on purchase history, abandoned cart, and even product page views. But what if you could improve upon these conventional strategies by generating personalized marketing messages based on knowing what wines your customers will actually like BEFORE they try them?

Our original Tastry Uncorked software has achieved the first step in this process: knowing what your customer likes before they taste your product. With the Uncorked Palate Quiz, customers answer a few questions through a pop-up on your website which matches your wine inventory to the customer’s unique palate preferences. This matching is facilitated through TastryAI, which determines how well your wines’ chemistry will match your consumers’ palate and further learns as your customers review the wine.

Recently, Tastry has made an advancement within this software. Our latest innovation, Uncorked Singularized Marketing uses the Uncorked Palate Quiz recommendations to personalize your marketing messages through sending customer taste preference data into your CRM.

What is Uncorked Singularized Marketing?

When we say “singularized marketing”, we are referring to the term “signularized” meaning  “to make conspicuous; distinguish”. With Uncorked Singularized Marketing, Tastry “distinguishes” individual consumer preferences based on how their palate will perceive your products. Then, we put the power in your hands to  recommend those products to them through your marketing channels.

Incorporating hyper-personalized messaging based on the data TastryAI provides in your marketing channels, like email, allows you to market specific items based on consumer preferences that Tastry discovers for you.

For example, let’s say you only have 5 cases of your 2019 Pinot Noir left, and you want to sell it fast. You could send a “last chance” promotional email to all your customers, sure. But, with Tastry data, you can further target your audience and send the email specifically to customers who have the 2019 Pinot Noir as one of the top 3 wine matches in your assortment. Now, that newly tailored email can tell customers that they are exclusively being offered the last 5 cases of this wine because it’s one of their top 3 palate matches.

This kind of personalized messaging will increase the conversion rate significantly. In fact, when we did our retail pilot study in 2019, we saw a 12% lift in shopper engagement, 18% lift in profit margin, and 35% increase in customer satisfaction among customers shopping with Tastry’s recommendations. And we all know customer satisfaction is the key to repeat business.

Why did we create email templates?

Email marketing is a core component driving winery sales. This classic form of marketing continues to deliver the highest ROI over other marketing channels with $42 back for every dollar your company spends (DMA, Forbes). 

At an average open rate of 28.9%, customers in the wine industry are highly receptive to email campaigns compared to other industries (Mail Chimp). What if I told you this rate can be improved upon? Well, it can. Studies specific to wine marketing have proven that personalized emails lift this average from 28.9% to 40.5% (WineDirect). In fact, we’ve seen this with our clients at Tastry, where email campaigns featuring Tastry Uncorked have an average open rate of 40%.

Now, the big question is how to create personalized emails for each one of your customers. Finding the time and resources to execute this can be a challenge in between day to day winery operations. In between our clients’ incredibly busy schedules and multiple competing priorities, they don’t have much time left to complete this.

Because of this, we realized that Tastry had to create an easy and effective way for our clients to integrate their customer’s Tastry Palate Quiz data into their existing email marketing flow.

One of the simplest ways to deliver your customer’s personalized recommendations is to trigger an automated email message to each customer showing their top matches and direct links to purchase them.

Why did we improve the old model?

While Tastry’s raw data  is available in .csv file formats, which marketers can upload to their email marketing database, tagging users with their taste preferences. Data science teams can easily upload and format Tastry data into a visual dashboard. However, we found that many of our clients don’t have a team to do that. Often we work with e-commerce, marketing managers and even owners who wear many hats– email is just one of many responsibilities.

Our goal is to create a streamlined solution to make this data easily accessible for all of our clients to quickly and efficiently receive the full value of Tastry. Additionally, we want to generate a way for our clients to seamlessly execute personalized campaigns using Tastry data to encourage more wine purchases.

Now, we send customer data directly into your CRM or email service provider so you can effortlessly segment users by wine taste preferences and execute dynamic campaigns based on them.

How does Uncorked Singularized Marketing work?

We created an API that sends Tastry data directly to the email service providers Mailchimp and Klaviyo. This enables you to build email campaigns featuring your customers’ top wine matches, similar to the email pictured above.

Tastry provides standard email template merge fields, which enables your email program to fetch a particular user attribute. For example, a merge field for a recipient’s top match wine name will populate the corresponding text in place of the merge field text.

TastryAI’s Personalized Marketing Messages

Before your customers personalization, Tastry’s email templates include customers’ top wine recommendations, links to purchase those wines, images of the wines, and AI generated personalized sentences explaining the wines characteristics and why those wines were chosen for the customers.

There are 2 ways to access the Tastry templates:

  1.  Transferred from Stripo.

To transfer Tastry templates from Stripo, you must have a Stripo account. In this process, Tastry will add you to our Stripo Workspace. This will allow you to copy a folder of our email templates to your Stripo account. If you use the Stripo transfer method, it is easier to make design changes personal to your brand.

  1. Through HTML files.

Tastry can provide you with an HTML file to upload to your email marketing platform. After the file is uploaded, the template design will appear as HTML code. Although the dynamic elements of the Tastry email templates are already included in the code, if you wish to include elements personal to your company such as your logo, branding, and language to clients, the code will need to be edited. If your company has a marketing team or email designer that knows how to work with HTML, they can do this for you. If you do not have someone to do this in house, Tastry can customize your templates for you upon request.

Interested in learning more about Uncorked Singularized Marketing? Schedule a call with Bruce right here.

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