What the COVID-19 crisis has taught us is that not all businesses have the resources to respond and stay as viable as others. Though wine sales have risen due to shelter-at-home orders, smaller production artisan wineries that rely on tasting rooms and attracting new club members are struggling.

So we have combined efforts with BottleTribe to launch the PAVE program. For a limited time, PAVE gives wineries affected by the crisis access to rapidly onboard their wines at a significant discount into Tastry’s platform that powers retail kiosks, the BottleBird mobile app and the wine recommendations on BottleTribe.

BottleTribe is doing their part by guaranteeing to purchase the first case of any wine that has been onboarded onto the Tastry platform to put some skin in the game while helping affected wineries reach new customers across the nation.

The program is simple and effortless on your part.

  • Email information about the wines you would like Tastry to include on the platform to:
  • We will approve your SKU’s for inclusion within 24 hours
  • We arrange to pick up your bottles for delivery to the Tastry lab
  • For each wine we request specs, bottle photos and any links to purchase on your website (if available) for those you want included on the BottleBird app and 
  • BottleTribe will issue a PO within 2-3 days for a case of each wine included on Tastry and arrange pickup via Pack n’ Ship

We created Tastry to serve wineries of every size, giving them insights into their wine chemistry and how well it matches current and potential customers. We seek nothing short of changing how wine lovers find their favorites so wineries can spend their time and resources focusing on their craft.

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