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It’s a Match! How to Use Your Customer’s Tastry Preferences in Marketing Campaigns

Crafting personalized marketing messages is imperative for any business, especially in the wine industry where opinions in wine can differ so greatly from person to person. In fact, the majority of consumers now expect that companies will be capable of anticipating their individual needs. Before you tackle generating personalized marketing messages, you have to learn what wines each customer will enjoy. Thankfully, Tastry Uncorked takes care of this first step for you by anticipating what your customer likes before they even taste your product. With the Tastry Uncorked Palate Quiz, customers answer a few questions that match your wine inventory to the customer’s unique palate preferences by determining how well your wines’ chemistry will match your customers’ palate. The information Tastry Uncorked collects on customers preferences within your inventory can help you curate marketing campaigns for each individual customer. This information flows into your CRM and email service provider automatically using Tastry’s API, which creates custom attributes to append to each customer’s profile. Much like attaching a customer’s first and last name, birthday, and location to their email address, Tastry attaches the customer’s wine preferences to their profile in your CRM. The marketing campaigns you create with these Tastry attributes can automatically display personalized products in your email or text campaigns for each individual customer by using codes to generate the product names, descriptions, and images based on each customers’ results for the Tastry Uncorked quiz. It’s like you’re single-handedly designing personalized emails for hundreds or even thousands of individuals, but with the work of building only one campaign. Not only can you use your Tastry attributes to personalize your campaigns to your customer’s palates, but these Tastry attributes are flexible enough to let you create your desired look, feel, and language of your brand. You can choose to use one of Tastry’s stock email templates (provided to you by your Tastry customer success manager) or insert Tastry attributes into a message within an existing email template you have. There are multiple ways that you can use Tastry Uncorked to boost your marketing strategy. Here are a few examples of how you can use Tastry to reach your customers in a hyper-targeted, highly-personalized way:
  1. When someone takes the palate quiz, add them to a campaign series showcasing their top matches.

Sometimes, customers will take the palate quiz even if they aren’t 100% ready to purchase a wine at that moment. In these situations, email and text message marketing campaigns can help remind them about the wines that match with their palates and encourage them to try one. To encourage your customers to purchase their matches, you might consider offering them a special incentive. In fact, many of our customers will offer a coupon code or special discount if they purchase a wine Tastry recommends. These campaigns don’t have to end here. Additional emails can be sent depending on the situation of the customer. For example, if they purchase one of these wines, another email can be sent asking them to review that specific wine to further refine their matches.
  1. You have a wine that needs to go on sale.

Have a new vintage about to hit the market and still have excess of another year? Whether it’s this situation or another that leads you to having a sale, using your Tastry attributes to make a personalized campaign can help generate interest among the group of customers whose palates match with that particular wine. Messages can be sent to only customers whose match score with the wine is at 85% or better, which at Tastry means the customer will really enjoy this wine. If you’d like to compare that score to other figures in the industry, you could say this is about equivalent to a 3.9-4 star rating on Vivino. Today, 56% of customers always expect offers to be personalized. Personalized offers easily stand out from routine text messages or emails, which often have nothing to do with the individual’s preferences. Tastry’s ability to use taste preferences to generate marketing campaigns offers a new level of deep personalization, which before now wasn’t available to wine marketers. You can use Tastry as your superpower when you need a wine to sell fast.
  1. You add a new wine to your inventory.

When a new release is ready to hit the market, you can elevate generic announcement emails showcasing your new product by utilizing Tastry Uncorked data. Instead of messaging everyone on your list, you can use your Tastry customer attributes to target customers who TastryAI knows will enjoy your latest release. Seventy six percent of customers get frustrated when they don’t find personalization within a brand. Sending personalized text messages and emails shows intent behind your marketing campaigns that makes customers’ needs feel heard. There are countless ways that Tastry Uncorked can be integrated into your marketing campaigns.

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