Tastry Insights Dashboard

Get game-changing insights on your wine
The Tastry Insights Dashboard connects you to your wine’s chemistry, your competitors’ wines, and your customers’ palates, giving you a competitive advantage to produce wines your market will love.

About the Tastry Insights Dashboard

The Tastry Insights Dashboard is an online portal to view your chemistry data generated by wine AI.

What is the Tastry Insights Dashboard?

The Tastry Insights Dashboard is your secure online portal on which you can view chemistry data in ways unimaginable until now on your finished wines, tank samples, your competitors’ wines, and your CompuBlend® exercises.

Predict your wine’s performance before it hits the bottle.

Whether you’re trying to get a leg up on the competition, expand your existing line without compromising consistency or simply broaden your wine’s consumer appeal, you can use Tastry’s insights to help you achieve your goals.

View predictive blends alongside finished bottles and competitor wines.

Compare and contrast samples to one another for all chemistry markers and market insights.

How it works

Send us your wine samples for analysis.

We analyze many thousands of chemistry data points to determine how your wine will perform in the market.

View your wine’s chemistry and market performance metrics in your dashboard.

Tastry measures your wine’s chemistry against a database of ~248M drinking age palates, across the U.S., resulting in an array of metrics and insights from predicted scores, ranking and consumer segment sizing that showcase your wine’s potential in the market.

Ready to get started?

Use Cases

Shed light on what consumers want.

Tastry uses two proprietary data sets to analyze the correlations between wine chemistry and individual consumer taste preferences. Think of Tastry as your permanently empaneled focus group.

Connect the dots between chemistry and market performance.

Until now, it’s been impossible to quantify how the concentration of certain compounds that defines a wine’s character will be perceived by the consumer palate. Tastry will connect the dots between the levels and concentration of these compounds and consumer preferences, giving you early insight into your wine’s market performance.

Align teams by using a shared language.

Tastry helps translate wine chemistry markers into terms that align your team on a shared vision to create a wine your market will love. Learn how the tannins, oak components and esters in your wine will be perceived by consumers in terms of mouthfeel, sweetness, boldness, and more.

Understand your competitors.

Have you ever wondered what it is about your competitors’ wines that has them perform well in the market? It might not be something you can pick out by tasting the wine alone. On the Tastry Insights Dashboard, you can compare the chemistry of your wine to that of your competitors to get an idea of what’s working for them in the market.

Innovate without risk.

As an artist, you want to broaden your horizons and create a product that will revolutionize the wine industry. But with that comes the risk of creating a product the market might not like. You can mitigate this risk using Tastry’s insights, seeing real-time consumer palate data and how that lines up with the samples of wine you are creating before it ever hits the bottle.



Ask about our custom solutions for your winery’s unique needs.

Whether you’d like to create a low-alcohol wine, move from barrels to staves, or ameliorate the effects of smoke taint, we can work directly with you to help you achieve your specific goals.

When Tastry associates the chemistry and resulting experiences, it tells me, “People enjoy your wine in a certain way, and you can quantify that, and I can tell you if they will like it or not.” I couldn’t get results on our wine fast enough.

Juan Munoz-Oca,

O’Neill Vintners & Distillers

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Tastry Insights Dashboard

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