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How To Sell Wines Your Customers Will Love With Palate Personalization

For many wineries the ongoing challenge of each vintage is to find, grow, and retain customers for those wines. Your main goals are turning visitors into buyers, turning buyers into members, and growing the lifetime value of each customer.

The Role of the Tasting Room

The tasting room is where the traditional route to customer acquisition begins, as it holds opportunities for creating incredibly personalized and meaningful experiences for the guest. 

Hopefully the visitor makes an initial purchase, you get their contact information, and you’re off to the races with the goal of staying connected and maximizing their future investment in your wines.  

That model has felt tremendous pressure over the last couple of years, and it won’t work with how the world is now.

What I mean by that is there is an increasing shift from the tasting room to online interactions and purchase behaviors. The vast majority of wineries want to make a more aggressive shift to e-commerce to meet that opportunity and improve engagement with younger age demographics.   

Personalization for Younger Demographics

Younger generations are technology savvy, and they’re also growing their appreciation for wine in a world where everything is personalized. Think about TikTok, Instagram, and Amazon.  

Personalized experiences are becoming an expectation. 

It seems fair to say the direct-to-consumer race will be won by those who can effectively tap into the individual preferences of potential customers and personalize their experience at the point of purchase intent. 

The older generations are becoming more savvy, but younger buyers, they’re already there. And, again, many wineries tell us future growth relies on bridging out of their aging customer base to younger consumers.

Capitalize on Your Online Sales with Personalized Experiences

Here are some of the obstacles you’re trying to overcome online:

  • Low conversions and abandoned carts due to purchase reluctance
  • Lack of purchase confidence having to do with “am I going to like this wine?”
  • An unfavorable experience with your wine

Tastry can help you with all of these.

The bottom line is every visit to your website is an opportunity to sell.  Want to make your website as personal as a tasting room? Connect on a very personal level by showcasing wines that best match with the shopper’s individual likes and dislikes.  

Here’s How Tastry Turns That Visit Into a Virtual Tasting Room:

In the tasting room, customers try your wines and make real time determinations as to which wines, each with their unique flavor and aroma profiles, match with their palate.  

Tastry Uncorked introduces an experience to your website that achieves the same results in a very clever way. In just seconds, it determines an individual’s palate preferences and makes immediate recommendations as to which of your wines best match what they’ll like. 

Not only that, those preferences can then be harnessed on your website and across your different customer touch points.  

The Science Behind Tastry

So how does Tastry Uncorked work its magic?  

In short, Tastry Uncorked applies proven sensory science to profile the unique flavor and aroma expressions of your wines, and then leverages the incredible computational power of AI (just like our brains) to make accurate connections to an individual’s palate preferences. In real time! And it happens right on your website.     

What Sets Tastry Apart

Other recommendation approaches are reliant on the palates of others. Think about this: Wine Spectator may think that your wine deserves an 88 point score, while 15% of the visitors to your website may think it’s a 95. So, why leave the buyer reliant on the viewpoints of others?   

To be clear, this content has its place. It just doesn’t have anything to do with personalization, which is what the consumer is increasingly looking for. 

The Importance of Personalization

Accuracy in personalization is important because that’s what drives trust, confidence, and ongoing excitement in your brand into the future.  

Each new vintage and each new release present an opportunity to make a lasting connection with your visitors and your members.  

While visitors only need to take the palate quiz once, they have the ongoing opportunity to provide ratings and feedback, strengthening their connection to your brand, with the anticipation they’re strengthening alignment between their palates and your wine offerings.

Supercharge All Your Marketing Touch Points

Because Uncorked is web-based and responsively designed, your website is not the only place where you can make the experience available.

Other uses of Tastry Uncorked are on an iPad in your tasting room and virtually anywhere you can place a QR code, which can launch the user directly into your winery’s Uncorked experience.

With the insights we provide on the back end, you’re able to extend that personalization into your email and SMS communications.

Utilizing Tastry Uncorked has been proven to significantly improve purchase satisfaction, decrease customer churn, and, most importantly, increase core wine sales.

If you want to learn more about how to yield these results for your business, schedule a Tastry Uncorked demo with Jeff right here.

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