Personalize your customer’s experience at the point of purchase

Tap into the individual taste preferences of your customers to deliver hyper-targeted personalized experiences in the moments that matter.


The average person spends more time in the wine aisle than anywhere else in the store

Indecision kills shopper cart sizes and purchase intent. Consumers face the paradox of choice in the wine aisle, which can be paralyzing. Consumers don’t want to risk picking a wine they won’t like.


Consumers younger than 60 are less interested in buying wine today

While wine sales among everyone under 60 has been declining, there has been a striking 127% decline in wine sales to consumers aged 30-40 from 2007-2021, according to the 2023 State of the Wine Industry Report.

Let’s talk about today’s consumer

Lets give them what they want

Increase sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction

Eliminate the paradox of choice and the fear of buying the wrong wine

Here's How

Delight your customers by delivering spot-on palate-based product recommendations

By taking a short 20-second quiz, your customers can discover which wines in your assortment best match their palates.

Deliver personalized recommendations on your website and in your mobile app…

…and in your store and at events.

Responsive design allows you to deploy the Tastry Uncorked quiz via QR code, across tablets and mobile devices in store.

“Since implementing Tastry, my online wine sales have grown exponentially. It was the best thing I could have done for my business. Now that we have data on what our consumers like, we are optimizing our inventory to stock more high-performing wines and get rid of low performers.”

CAMERON HUGHES, Founder & CEO at de Négoce

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Realize your wine’s full market potential with Tastry Uncorked

Deliver personalized marketing messaging with wine recommendation software.

Here are a few examples of how winemaking teams use Tastry


Automate personalized messages in your marketing campaigns
Automate personalized messages in your marketing campaigns with wine AI recommendations.


Put wines on the shelf that sell

Use Tastry to identify category gaps in the market or which wines your assortment might be missing based on what the consumer palates in your area are craving.

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