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Tastry’s CompuBlend® gives you the ultimate power and freedom to blend wines that express who you are and perform successfully in your target market.
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About CompuBlend®

What is CompuBlend®?

Tastry CompuBlend® is a solution to help you create market-ready wine blends that match your target demographic.

How it works


Send us your wines for analysis.


Enter your parameters into a CompuBlend® exercise.


Tastry AI will generate the six most distinct and highest performing blend candidates and their recipes.


See a full report of blend compositions, chemistry data, and predictive market performance analysis for each potential blend.

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Explore the market performance of blends tailored for specific outcomes.

Make great blends faster.

Creating custom blends can take days, weeks or months to get right. Fast track your way to realizing your vision by running thousands of possible combinations in a matter of minutes to create blends that hit the target.

Turn products into high-value best sellers.

Turn existing products into a new blend that your market will love and increase your winery’s revenue.

Bridge the gap between marketing and winemakers.

When marketing teams challenge winemakers to make wines based on marketing terms, it can be tricky. Marketing says “make a wine that is soft, robust, plush.” But, what does that mean to a winemaker? Tastry’s CompuBlend can help winemakers connect the marketing and sale team’s vision with reality in terms of what shows up in the bottle.

Control quality and consistency.

When you’ve produced a best-selling product, it’s crucial to be able to maintain that product’s consistency year-over-year, otherwise you risk disappointing and losing customers.

Be an innovator.

Discover new avenues you would never have thought of before by analyzing thousands of possible wine combinations. Reveal ideas for truly unique blends that your audience’s palate will also love. The outcome may surprise you.

Know you’re on the right path.

There’s a lot of uncertainty in winemaking and at the end of the day, without technology, you are making your best guess as to whether a wine will perform or not. Tastry’s CompuBlend gives you real data to back up your decisions and ultimately bring you peace of mind that you’re going in the right direction.

Case Study

Learn how O’Neill Vinters saved $27k with CompuBlend

Learn how Steven DeCosta discovered a top-performing wine blend that would yield $27,000 in savings and the tool he used as his “guiding light.”

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Whether you’re an estate, custom crush, private label, or enterprise winery, we are committed to going out of the way to help you face your unique challenges and come out on top. 

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