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Tastry’s CompuBlend augments your intuition and expertise, like a fine set of brushes enhances the efforts of a painter, to deliver the best expression of who you are as an artist and a winemaker

About CompuBlend

What is CompuBlend_

What is CompuBlend?

Tastry CompuBlend is an artificial intelligence tool used by winemakers to explore the flavor profiles of thousands of potential blends to predict how they will perform in the market and which consumers are going to love them.

How does CompuBlend work?

At the winemaker’s direction, Tastry CompuBlend virtually crafts hundreds of thousands of wine blends and provides the most interesting blend candidates for evaluation and adjustment by the winemaking team.

How does CompuBlend work_
How do I use CompuBlend

How do I use CompuBlend?

That’s easy. Send in your wine samples for analysis, enter your parameters, and TastryAi will generate a selection of the most distinct and highest performing blend candidates that will surpass your expectations. With every CompuBlend you receive a full report of blend compositions, chemistry data, and predictive market performance analysis.

Explore the market performance of blends tailored for specific outcomes

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Use Cases

Make great blends faster

Tastry’s CompuBlend gives you the ultimate power and freedom to explore more possibilities than humanly possible so you can best express who you are as an artist.

Turn products into high-value best sellers

Increase revenue by adjusting existing blends that your consumers will love.

Bridge the gap between marketing and winemakers

When sales and marketing teams suggest tweaks to a wine based on terms like tropical, soft, or plush – that can be tricky for the winemaker. Tastry’s CompuBlend helps teams speak the same language so the vision always shows up in the bottle.

Control quality and consistency

When you’ve created a broadly distributed wine, it can be crucial to maintain consistency year-over-year to avoid disappointing and losing customers. Tastry Insights and CompuBlend are tools you can use to evaluate and ensure consistency.

Be an innovator

Discover new and appealing profiles by exploring hundreds of thousands of variations quickly and effortlessly. Reveal unique blends that your audience’s palate will also love. The possibilities are endless.

Follow your path

For winemakers catering to the consumer palate, Tastry’s CompuBlend delivers visibility into the current preferences of millions of consumers.

For winemakers catering to their own palate, Tastry Insights can help you find the consumers who will love your creation.

Case Study

Learn how O’Neill Vintners saved $27,000 with CompuBlend

Learn how Steven DeCosta discovered a top-performing wine blend that would yield $27,000 in savings and the tool he used as his “guiding light.”

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Frequently asked questions

TastryAi iterates through hundreds or millions of possible compositions, depending on the number of variables provided by the winemaker, and predicts which CompuBlend results will best match the desired sensory characteristics or market performance characteristics as defined by the winemaker. The CompuBlend results are presented as blend compositions the winemaker can quickly create, and evaluate, as part of their normal process at the tasting table.

Depending on the complexity of the blend, results can take as little as one minute, or as long as 3 hours.

Your CompuBlend results can be accessed by logging-in to your account on the Tastry Insights Dashboard.

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