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Leverage bulk while de-risking the path to your goals with TastryAI

Buyers: Integrate bulk into your wine program with increased certainty of market performance before you buy.

Sellers: Unleash the true competitive quality of your bulk to create market ready wines for your buyers.

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Whether you’d like to make a one-time purchase or develop a long-term relationship with one of the winemakers listed here, enter your email below and we’ll get the conversation started.

How can I use Tastry’s Marketplace?

The wines listed on the PDF above are available to purchase now. If you’re a Tastry client, the wines you see here can be added to your Tastry Insights Dashboard to view alongside your existing wine samples. View each wine’s chemistry and include them in your CompuBlend® experiments to create best-selling blends while meeting production goals.

Many partners listing wines in Tastry’s Marketplace are interested in growing a long-term relationship with their customers. Whether you’re interested in purchasing wine for a one-time need or engaging in an extended contract, Bruce and Jeff from the Tastry team would be happy to assist you. Enter your email above and they’ll get in touch with you shortly.

How can I use Tastry’s Marketplace?

Enter your email below and our team will get in touch with you shortly.

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Leverage bulk while de-risking the path to your goals

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