07 Mar: Smoke Taint: Here’s What You Need To Know

In 2020, wildfires wreaked havoc on many of California’s vineyards, leaving an impression of smoke in some of the wine produced with exposed fruit. Wineries not only had to sustain great losses within their portfolios, but also had to protect their reputation when mitigating how to use smoke tainted fruit. Many turned to Tastry for knowledge and help.
Matchbook Spotlight Image

06 Feb: Pioneering Grape Growing in a New Region: Spotlight on John Giguiere, Dan Cederquist, and Pat Kane of Matchbook Wine Company

Six generations ago, the Giguiere family began farming in the Dunnigan Hills in Yolo County, a region that was long known for ranching. When it came time for John Giguiere to continue his family’s farming tradition in 1983, he boldly pioneered the development of a vineyard and winery on his family’s land. Alongside his wife and brother, he grew this business to a 750,000 case production before overseeing the sale of the company to Vincor International in 2000.