Tastry - Match your wines with consumers who will love them. Make wines that taste great to consumers. Outperform your competitors wines.

Sales Accelerator 

Propel wine sales with the power of TastryAI and the market reach of RNDC.

It’s time for a fresh approach to selling wine

About Sales accelerator

Sales Accelerator is a program developed by Tastry to proactively recommend wines to off-prem and on-prem buyers through partner platforms.

“Tastry’s offering represents the future of the industry by harnessing advanced AI technology to create greater efficiency and value for suppliers and retailers.”

David Lane
Chief Supplier Officer at RNDC

A Solution to Today’s Challenges

Distribution consolidation has made sales and marketing more challenging than ever. Sales Accelerator helps suppliers by showcasing their wines’ most competitive attributes and providing more placement opportunities among networks of retail buyers.

Your 24/7 Sales Advocate

Imagine having a virtual agent dedicated to showcasing your brand, increasing sales, and attracting new enthusiasts. This advocate knows precisely which features of your wine matter most to each buyer and why customers will love it.

How it works

Use wine AI to personalize your wineries direct to consumer model.

TastryAI on the eRNDC network

Wines are promoted in real time as buyers search for new products or replacements for out-of-stock items. Buyers are recommended your wines based on their most unique and competitive features and can make more confident purchasing decisions.

The Tastry Insights Dashboard is an online portal to view your chemistry data generated by wine AI.

TastryAI outside the eRNDC network

Suppliers can access comprehensive competitive insights and auto-generated, customizable collateral to support direct sales efforts.

What does it cost?​

Sales Accelerator is offered directly through Tastry at $370 per SKU. To participate, you must be an RNDC supplier and have your wines analyzed by Tastry. Existing client SKUs are already covered: there is no additional cost. Your SKUs stay active as long as the releases are for sale on eRNDC. Non-vintage wines remain active for 12 months.

What is Tastry?

Serving the country’s top wine brands, Tastry is an innovation pioneer and developer of TastryAI. TastryAI acts as a powerful virtual focus group providing real-time visibility on ever-changing consumer trends and preferences. Tastry uses simulations to discover market gaps and connect with suppliers to fill them.

For Wine buyers

AI-Powered Buying Recommendations

Our objective, cutting-edge, data-driven methodology means the wines recommended on the eRNDC platform have the highest appeal to a targeted set of customers. TastryAI integrated recommendations on the eRNDC platform help de-risk buyer purchase decisions and increase confidence their assortments will result in more satisfied consumers.


Program Benefits

Why Join the Sales Accelerator Program?

We offer you exposure to RNDC’s growing network of retail buyers and through TastryAI, over $2,500 in advanced chemistry insights, and a window into flavor profiles, consumer preferences, and optimal pricing. You’ll also receive customizable marketing materials to showcase your wines’ unique qualities.

A Passion for Matchmaking

We are passionate about matching wines with new buyers and seeing the industry thrive. We understand the hurdles in the wine industry such as logistical barriers and the need for the supply chain to adopt a more consumer-centric approach. That’s why the Tastry platform was built to democratize wine buying and selling. We want to ensure your wines find their way to consumers who enjoy them most.

Tastry - Match your wines with consumers who will love them. Make wines that taste great to consumers. Outperform your competitors wines.

Joining Sales Accelerator is Easy

Click on Get Started below, complete the form, and a Tastry team member will reach out to you.

Together, we’ll identify which SKUs you’d like included in Sales Accelerator (all wines must be distributed by RNDC).

Ship your wine samples to us. As soon as the wines are processed through our lab, they will be automatically added for recommendation on eRNDC.

What our clients say

As the distribution system becomes more consolidated, getting your wine to market is a bigger challenge.


Tastry lets you go to a wine retailer and present the data on your wine and how it can target a specific group of people precisely as well as other groups. It reinforces the message of the brand and takes it from subjective to objective and empowers people to make decisions based on other things than critic scores.

James Hall

Patz & Hall Wine Company