The Industry's Most Advanced Chemistry Analysis Combined with AI-Driven Consumer Insights

Tastry helps leading wine producers discover new market opportunities and equips retail buyers with personalized recommendations most likely to resonate with their customers.


About Tastry

Tastry was founded with the understanding that each palate is as complex as a fingerprint. Powered by a proprietary chemistry methodology and revolutionary AI technology, Tastry can predict consumer preferences for products even before they hit the shelves.


Tastry is rapidly transforming the process of developing, marketing, and selling wine to help wineries grow, drive retail loyalty, and streamline the shopping experience. 

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We work with wineries and retailers of all sizes

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Winemaking & Production

Unlock key insights that show your wine’s chemistry and predicted performance. Get assurance that your wine will sell before it hits the market or suggestions for how to outperform the competition.


Winery Sales, Marketing & DTC

Get invaluable customer preference and product performance data. Execute hyper-targeted marketing campaigns with personalized messages based on your customers’ individual palates.

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Identify your customers among millions of consumers in the U.S. Optimize your inventory using real-time consumer data. Increase shopper confidence at the point of purchase.

Tastry Insights Report

Buttery Chardonnay: A Deep Dive into Chemistry and Consumer Appeal

In this report, we analyze the defining characteristics of buttery Chardonnay, the role of key compounds, and the distinct market segments it appeals to. The report also examines the differentiation strategies employed by a leading producer and introduces AI tools for winemakers to cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Get insights on your wine like never before


What Our Clients Say

As the distribution system becomes more consolidated, getting your wine to market is a bigger challenge. 

Tastry lets you go to a wine retailer and present the data on your wine and how it can target a specific group of people precisely as well as other groups. It reinforces the message of the brand and takes it from subjective to objective and empowers people to make decisions based on other things than critic scores.

James Hall
Patz & Hall Wine Company