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Tastry wine AI clients reflect on the work we’ve done together in 2022.

2022 Year in Review

Our clients had some very insightful things to say this year as they reflected on the work we’ve done together. Each shared their unique perspective on how incorporating Tastry’s technology has unlocked new visibility, enabling new outcomes that were previously inaccessible, and what that could mean for the wine industry as a whole.

Tastry’s 2022 Year in Review highlights our clients’ mastery over their craft as they forge new pathways using the innovations available to them.

Juan Munoz-Oca

Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

“Any information I can get on how our wines are perceived and enjoyed, I will dive into. And if that information can come with actual analytical measurements of compounds that create these experiences, how can you not want to learn more about that? When Tastry associates the chemistry and resulting experiences, it tells me, ‘People enjoy your wine in a certain way, and you can quantify that, and I can tell you if they will like it or not.’ I couldn’t get results on our wine fast enough.”

Steven DeCosta

O’Neill Vintners & Distillers

“For me it [CompuBlend] means safety…a sense of knowing I’m going in the right direction. Looking at this ’21 vintage Cabernet, seeing cost per gallon, having our target; I have a way to spot check. There may be a sample I really like, but I’ve noticed that my palate is not necessarily representative of our consumers. So it pointed me away from a costly piece and that’s a big savings when you add up dollars per gallon.”

Janie Heuck

Brooks Winery

“I think there is so much we can do with Tastry because we have so many labels, it can be paralyzing for someone to go onto our website and try to decide which wine they should purchase. My goal with Tastry is to help the customer. Tastry is one of the greatest things that has happened in the wine industry for a long time.”

Alexandre Remy

Atlas Wine Co.

“The data that Tastry provides allows me to not only tell my buyers about the steps we are taking to make the wine, but that we are also using this super innovative company as quality control to demonstrate how it will perform in the market. I believe that it’s literally humanly impossible to stay focused, taste, evaluate, and compare 200 wines. Now, TastryAI does this in a matter of seconds, and it doesn’t make a mistake or get tipsy. With Tastry, you’re winning time and resources.”

Jill Osur of Teneral Cellars has seen huge lift in online transaction size since integrating wine AI into her website.

Jill Osur

Teneral Cellars

“Understanding the unique palates of our audience allows us to deliver the best wines to the broadest group of our community. It’s important to understand that everyone’s palates are different. Using Tastry data helps plan the future wines that you’re producing– which I love, because data and knowledge are power. We can use that data and knowledge for good to build our community.”

James Hall

Patz & Hall

“I think that having some Tastry information that grounds chemistry into these specific aromas and flavors and the way certain people would perceive those aromas and flavors and textures is potentially a very powerful tool for a winemaker to explain to cross-functional teams why these decisions are important. It also lets them understand why we attempt to achieve certain things with the wine. That way, you can see objective standards of quality. There’s a whole range of questions and problems that are going to be better informed and more accurately analyzed using the type of data that Tastry produces.”

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