The World's Most Innovative
Sensory Sciences Company

We match products to people using chemistry, machine learning and every person's individual palate.

The World's Most Innovative
Sensory Sciences Company

We match products to people using chemistry, machine learning and every person's individual palate.



Meet Tastry

The Sensory Sciences Company That Matches Products to People.

With patent-pending artificial intelligence we identify shopper preferences. Our consumer-friendly technologies, analytical chemistry and machine learning provide the most accurate product recommendations available anywhere.

Retailers use this information to optimize product mix, which increases sales, margins and store loyalty. Tastry technology also provides science-based insights for product development and a variety of business improvement strategies.


Consumer-Friendly Technologies

Shoppers who use Tastry's Palate Profiler are 45% happier with their purchase.

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In-Store Kiosks

Metrics from Retail Implementation

+ 5 to 10 times ROI in first year
+ 5% increase in gross sales
+ 12% shopper engagement
+ 18% organic lift in margin
+ 35% increase in customer satisfaction

Case Study with Large Grocery Store

30 days into a 120-day test run in two locations, the grocery store decided to expand to 200 stores in 2019 and 400 stores in 2020.

More About Kiosks

Retailer Dashboards

Unique insights catered directly to the retailer to help them stock the shelves with more of what their customers will love.

How We Work With Retailers

Individual Wine Insights

Computational Blending for Wineries

Tastry aggregates the consumer score of a wine with over 92% accuracy before it hits the market. Our “Computational Blending” predicts wines that will be crowd pleasers.

Case Study

We increased the score of a wine from 3.6 to 3.95, raising its retail value from $15.66 to $32.48 - a 207% increase!

How We Work With Wineries

Basic Chemical Analysis Among Comparison Set



Wine Lovers

We help people discover wines that match their tastes after a quick in-store or in-app survey that pinpoints the chemistry of their individual palates. We then recommend a wine they will love for themselves, for a friend, or any special occasion. Tastry even shows the best food pairing to go perfectly with their selection!

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We help winemakers improve their wines before they hit the market through comprehensive chemical analysis. Combining this with target consumer palate data, we can even predict how well a wine will perform at different price points.

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Customers use our digital surveys or in-store kiosks to find products that match store inventory. Retailers get invaluable consumer preference and product mix performance data in easy-to-understand digital dashboards.

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Winery? Retailer? Wine Lover?

We're here to answer all your questions.


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