By winemakers for winemakers

We match the products to people using chemistry, machine learning and every person’s individual palate.

Meet Tastry

The sensory sciences company that matches products to people

With patent-pending artificial intelligence we identify shopper preferences. Our consumer-friendly technologies, analytical chemistry and machine learning provide the most accurate product recommendations available anywhere.

Our Customers


We help winemakers improve their wines before they hit the market through comprehensive chemical analysis. Combining this with target consumer palate data, we can even predict how well a wine will perform at different price points.


Customers use our digital surveys or in-store kiosks to find products they’ll love that match store inventory. Retailers get invaluable consumer preference and product mix performance data in easy-to-understand digital dashboards.

bottlebird: powered by tastry

Experience an in-depth demonstration of Tastry

The BottleBird app, powered by Tastry, is a concept demonstration of our platform and a companion on your journey to find your unique place in the wine world. Whether at a winery, restaurant, bar or store, get personalized purchase recommendations, dive deep into a wine’s chemistry, find a food pairing, or pick the perfect gift for your loved ones. Download the BottleBird app and get started discovering wine you’ll love.


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